Sunrise/Sunset - Lorna Kroepfl

Sunset Prayer for Ron

Prayer request - if you are viewing this photo, please say a prayer for my brother, Ron. I received a call from him and he has gone back out to live in the streets. The home he was living in was sold and the new owner paid him $1,000 to vacate early (who does that). My brother has schizophrenia and needs an environment in order to stabilize his mental health. He said that he has 2 months worth of medication with him, that he is currently staying in a motel. His plan is to go back to living on the streets and in motels. I need your prayers to help perform the miracle of getting him back into some sort of stable home environment. He is stubborn and wants to do things on his own, but he needs help. Please send your best prayer mojo.
Thank you and God Bless.

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